Yoga in the Woods July 2014 – Photoshoot

Jul 30, 2014 | Featured, What's New

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Here’s the latest photos from my Photoshoot last weekend on the yoga pad.I love doing yoga outdoors.If you have not practiced yoga outdoors (especially yoga in the woods) its time to embrace nature and get out there. Practicing and teaching yoga outdoors changes your perspective profoundly. You have to take time to enjoy the warmth while we have it. Its an amazing feeling to be in a lunge with the wind rustling through your hair and the birds chirping. Or the glare of the hot hot sun on your mat.I really enjoy taking and sharing yoga photos with hopes to inspire you to practice, practice, practice.As Ashtanga yoga founder said “practice, and all is coming” – Pattabhi Jois.Its not about how many postures you can do, how flexible you are, how “good” you look. Its truly about mindful practice. How mindful are you getting into the posture – how mindful are you in the posture. How mindful are you coming out of the posture. How mindful are you in your complete practice. How mindful are you in your daily life.Take time to scroll through these photos, try new things (be safe), explore in your bodies, create a healthy life.(for full photoshoot images – go to “Gallery” page)Yoga is for everyone. Embrace Life. Practice Yoga.Sjonum.