Yoga in the Woods

Aug 6, 2013 | Featured, What's New

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Birds chirping, wind rustling through the leaves above, rain drops, beaming sunshine, the scent of summertime – the abundance of nature…
We tend to be absorbed in our yoga practice in the peaceful studio, the smell of incense burning, checking ourselves out in the mirror, listening to that great yoga playlist, being in our mind (even though we are asked not to) etc etc. Why not allow the ‘distractions’ of nature help you dive deeper into the essence of your yoga practice.Yoga in the woods permits you to become attentive to nature. It allows you to use your senses and let go of the control of your environment to find balance and harmony while practicing. The true meaning of Yoga – union. Finding the unification of nature and the self; union with what is, union with nature in order to let go. Breathing in the freshness of life.For many, the outdoors is simply a transitional place, a place where they rush through on their way from one indoor environment to another. They’re not fully conscious of the world itself. They never take a moment to listen, smell and see what life really is. The rewards of being present in nature are very fulfilling; however it’s an awareness that has to be cultivated.Yoga in the woods allows you to take your asana practice to the next level through simple awareness, acceptance of environment and truly being present amid distractions.When practicing yoga in the woods surrounded by the profusion of oxygen provided by the trees; indulge in the breath. It’s not about how you look or how many asanas you do or if you can get into that arm balance, but instead – the quality of movement that enriches your practice.Let yourself move from the inside out, follow your body’s natural tendency and rhythms. Take the time to feel the waft of air across your body; the heat of the sunshine, the raindrops trickling on your forehead, the dance of nature that is…and let that direct you through your practice. Enjoy the flow of one pose into another as intended by nature and its creativity.Take your time to breath in – taking in the vital breath through the spirit of nature and take your time to breath out – giving back to this abundant universe.
“Yoga in the woods presents a whole other world of sensations. You can feel the glory of the self in existence as one with the universe”. – Sjonum

Embrace Life, Practice Yoga.