Don’t “Just Breathe”…

Jun 20, 2012 | What's New

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When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still.”
– Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Thousands of years ago in yogic tradition the importance of breathing and oxygen supply became evident.Pranayam is the control of one’s energy through the breath. Often referred to as “The extension of life force energy”In today’s hectic lifestyle awareness of breath is set on the back burner. When we take a closer look at our patterns we notice that our breathing is too shallow and too quick. Therefore, not taking in enough oxygen and not eliminating enough carbon dioxide. As a result, our bodies are oxygen deprived and toxin rich.Each living cell in the body requires a substantial amount of oxygen. Our longevity is based on the health of our cells.Poor breathing patterns are picked up as we go through life – slouching, on the computer, running around, always late and stressed. We need to take action now and take control of our life; by taking control of our breath. Being able to recognize that our breathing patterns aren’t serving us and making the change now for the long haul.With “proper” breathing or the practice of pranayam you are allowing more oxygen flow to the blood and brain thus preventing dis-eases and for some, potentially locating a cure. As your breath flows deeply through your core you are also reaping many benefits such as improved circulation of energy, improved digestion/absorption, toned abdominals, strengthened immune system, reduced tension/anxiety, clarity of mind etc.With the in-breath you are allowing yourself to take in a vital life source, prana; oxygen; whilst with the out-breath helping to eliminate waste and harmful toxins. In yoga, breathing is as vital as the physical practice.“The complete yogic breath teaches us to utilize the three anatomical parts of our lungs. Because of poor posture and bad habits arising from unconscious carelessness, many of us breathe shallowly or with compressed lungs, depriving our body of essential oxygen. Furthermore, insufficient exhalation poisons the body by building up carbon dioxide in our system.” – suite 101As we recognize that our breath is our source of control to the energy of our body and mind, we can start to direct it. Without depth in the breath, yoga is simply a physical exercise. When we start to flow with our breath in synchronicity, we experience a change in our patterns and in our mind – becoming relaxed, focused, and peaceful. We find ease and comfort in the postures and in our daily life.As we begin to take control of the breath we can send the energy of the breath throughout the body aiding in tension release, toning specific areas, strengthening muscles, increaseing flexibility and surely allowing stillness to areas we are nurturing – this can all be accomplished with the simple act of mindfulness and concentration. In the physical practice of yoga we often discover that we nurture certain parts of our bodies with or without consciousness. Some areas that are tight, sore, numb, or painful – in our yoga practice, we can send healing breath to these places.Take time today – with each inhalation and each exhalation to cultivate an awareness and reverence for the breath.
Allow your body to find ease in the postures and your mind to find clarity Don’t “Just Breathe”, instead Breathe with Awareness