Love the Label !

May 2, 2012 | What's New

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PARABENS- PEGs-PETROLATUM-PHTHALATES- EDTA- DEA – ALUMINUM- COAL TAR DYES-FORMALDEHYDE – SODIUM LAURETH – PARFUM – TRICLOSAN – TALC – SILOXANES – TOLUENE…………..what does all this mean?….These are just a few of the possible ingredients(toxins) in your daily use care products.“Companies in the cosmetics industry have been using terms like “amazing,” “marvelous,” and “spectacular!” for the past 50 years to promote their products. But what are they really selling you? We are Love the Label, a student-led campaign based at Nipissing University. We promote a greater awareness of the ingredients found in cosmetics and other personal care products. What’s the secret? Understanding those otherwise incomprehensible ingredients labels. Learn the label, love the label.” – Marina DeMarcoIf you knew that your daily care and cosmetic products were linked to dis-eases such as negative effects on your immune system, neurological damage, cancer, psoriasis, birth defects, hormone disruptions, etc. would you still use them? I hope NOT !Love the Label is a company that is here to help YOU decipher the labels of your products. They educate the public about the possible negative effects of the products that are used daily …from Shampoo to Deodorant; Lipstick to Mascara.. Love the Label not only makes you aware of the toxic ingredients but also educates you on the harmful effects. This student led company does not leave you hanging in question… they takes their expertise one step further by giving you alternatives. They will guide you step by step to make the switch. The easiest way is to first understand why you are switching. What’s really in your products? Is it that bad?Check out the rating of your daily products online at “Skin Deep.” Get the education of whats in your products and then break it down; understand why its harmful and go from there. Next time you buy your personal care products – think twice ! Read the Label. Love the Label ! For more information or to book a special presentation check out