Yoga @ Nelson High School !

Apr 10, 2012 | What's New

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Over the past 2 semesters at Nelson High School, I have had the privilege to teach the art of yoga to the teen fitness students (mostly male). It was a first time experience for a lot of them —By the end of the semester they were left with open-minds, ideas on how their bodies can move anatomically, allowing them to prosper in their physical activities/sports and leaving them with clarity mentally, physically, and perhaps some spiritually – they were left ready & open to explore their bodies – expand their minds and reach their potentials.The simple feeling of having spiked the interest of yoga in the minds of these next generation teenagers is extremely gratifying.The practice of yoga means a lot more, to these teens, than just a stretch. While it is the fitness that primarily draws them to yoga, it is the deeper aspects of the practice that allows them to continue to come back to their mats. Teenagers like doing things together – they are open to seeing each others capabilities and are inspired by it. They push themselves to the next level and are fast achieving.When talking to these boys after class …they are in a place of peace ..a place that their chaotic world generally doesn’t allow for. These teenagers are extremely appreciative of this 60 minute practice that allows them to step back from the chaos and take time for themselves – by the end of their practice they have found a place where all the mind stuff (chitta vritti) has disappeared, a place of truth – a place very different from where they were when they first entered the class room.They have been given a foundation of basic yoga asana (postures) – a foundation with which they can carry through their life and perhaps even begin to further their practice, exploring the depth of this art.“I love the stretch and relax­ation I get from practicing yoga,” says a 17-year-old, who practices yoga to improve his athletic performance.From the vigorous, energetic class of 108 sun salutations to the exploration of partner yoga to the peace of meditation and rest of savasana – It is an honor to empower the next generation of teenagers with yoga ~ yoga has given them the light to realize their potential, the clarity of mind to achieve and the eyes to see with compassion and gratitude.BE INSPIRED. EMBRACE LIFE. PRACTICE YOGA.